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Meet the Team at the Heart of Dawlish Warren Hospitality
Boathouse Staff Sally


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With years of experience running pubs and bars, Sally joined our team at the very beginning as our Bars Manager. Shortly after, Sally became our first and only General Manager – a role she has been successful in for over 23 years!

Having been at the heart of our operation since 2001, Sally now much prefers spending time with her two beautiful Grandbabies, who, along with her doggies Millie and Cheeky Henry, enjoy a regular programme of fun, games and cuddles together.

Boathouse Staff Michelle


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Our longest serving employee, Michelle has been the reliable rock in our business since 1999. Starting her career in accountancy with us at our Quay West Water Park in Paignton, Michelle moved over to the Boathouse in 2012.

Michelle loves spending time with her children and beautiful granddaughter who is growing up across the pond! She loves flying over as much as she can to spend time with her!

Boathouse Staff Libby


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Libby joined our team back in 2019, before going off to study at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Graduating in 2021, Libby has worked with us full-time ever since. Always striving to ensure our customers get the best experience possible, Libby is an asset to our team.

When she’s not at work, Libby loves to spend her time in the gym. Besides that however, Libby loves spending time with her friends and family.

Boathouse Staff Archie


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Boathouse Staff Dean


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With a strong track record in hospitality, Dean came to us in 2022 and became our Head Chef shortly after. Dean has had such a positive impact on our kitchen, bringing in new and exciting ideas to our menu and working with the rest of the management team to constantly develop our operation here.

Dean enjoys spending time with his friends and family, especially his gorgeous French Bulldog, Bonnie!

Boathouse Staff Ben


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Our Benny has been on the team since 2018. Ben is best found in Monterey Jacks Beach Bar in the Summer, where he loves having a boogie to our regular timetable of live music, his favourite being Shelly and DJ Ian! 

Love a cocktail? You’re in luck! Ben has been studying his ‘Bar Bible’ and makes the best cocktails on the Warren. You’ll always get that ‘service with a smile’ feel from Benny – it’s not his fault, he just can’t turn it off!

Boathouse Staff Lynn


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Lynn has years of experience under her belt in management across different restaurants. Most recently, running a big restaurant in Exeter, before joining us in 2022.
And what an impact she has had! Lynn is an incredible ‘people person’ and does an exceptional job at connecting with both the team around her and our customers.

Hardworking, and dedicated to delivering the highest quality service possible, Lynn is the face of our restaurant floor and we’re all very grateful and lucky to have her.

Boathouse Staff Brooke


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Brooke first joined our team back in 2017, and after a short break came back and joined our bar team. If you are looking for quick and efficient service, keep an eye out for Brooke behind the taps! 

Brooke is our Bar Supervisor, and does an exceptional job everyday to ensure our operation behind the bars run smoothly, and all our customers have an easy and pleasurable experience.

Boathouse Staff Liam


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The Lovely Liam joined our team back in 2017. He is known for his cheeky manner, including pranks on all members of staff – including senior management! 

Liam loves his football and can often be found at Lee’s Bar with his friends, enjoying a pint whilst watching the game. Both Liam’s brothers have worked as part of our team before, and his sister is our Bar Supervisor, ‘Brooke’.

Boathouse Staff Grant


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Grant joined our Kitchen team as an assistant in 2014, but quickly progressed and since then has completed a Kitchen Management Course with South Devon College. 

Grant now sits as our 2nd Chef. He is a great asset to our team and is missed when he has time off to be with his adorable two sons.

Staff Member Jacqui


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If you’ve met our Jacqui, you won’t forget her! Jacqui joined our team back in 2017 on a part time basis to help us out… but we’ve still got her! Jacqui is such a fun character, full of enthusiasm for delivering an exciting and memorable experience for our customers. 

If you’ve ever been at the bar when Jacqui was behind the taps, you’ve undoubtedly heard of ‘Jacquis Gin Bar!’ We’ve got such a collection of quality classic and flavoured gins, and Jacqui makes sure you know it!

Boathouse Staff Laura


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Laura joined our team in 2017 and since then has filled almost every position possible! From working behind the bar, to cooking in our kitchen, to serving in the takeaway, our Laura really can do everything! 

When Laura is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her big family and scrumptious puppy dog, Sheldon! Lovingly named by her children.

Staff Member Amy


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Our Amy came to us in 2016 and since then has filled many positions around our site. From working on the restaurant floor, to making candyfloss in our Beach Kiosk, to now working on the bar, there isn’t a lot Amy can’t do.

When Amy isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, including her partner and beautiful daughter, Amelia.

Boathouse Staff Izzy


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Izzy joined our team in 2019 when she was just 14 years old, scooping Ice Cream in our Beach Kiosk. Since then, Izzy has proven herself as a standout member of the team, with the ability to keep calm in stressful and fast-paced environments.

Izzy is now taking on Supervisory responsibilities in our Takeaway units and is working closely with our management team to develop her skills – skills that she will be able to take forward and apply in her future life.

Boathouse Staff Lucy


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Lucy joined our team in the Beach Kiosk in 2021 and since then has progressed from scooping Ice Cream, to completing our internal barista course and completing a food hygiene qualification, allowing her to work in our Hot Foods Department. 

Lucy is a Larger-than-Life character, and always comes to work with enthusiasm and a great big smile! We really value our young workers here, and the place wouldn’t be the same without people like Lucy.

Man Silhouette


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Jason has been on the team since 2011 and has seen many achievements throughout his time with us. Jason runs our Grand Prix Go Karts Track and is unrivalled in Go Kart mechanical knowledge.

Alongside his primary role, Jason has also completed a construction site management course and takes a lead on a lot of the development work we do around our site.
We are all very grateful for the hard work Jason does around the site to support the operation here.

Man Silhouette


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Nathan joined the team in 2015 and in 2022 stepped up as our Assistant Manager at the Grand Prix Go karts. Nathan works hard all year round to support the operation here in all the ways he can, and we’re very grateful for the hard work and commitment Nathan demonstrates daily.

You’ll find lots more happy faces walking around our site. All our staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Stop us and have a chat! We’d love to answer any questions and help you the best that we can!